In the days of operative Masonry, it was a great source of pride when a son followed in his father's footsteps and became an Apprentice, his name 'entered' on the roll, and thereby admitted to the lodge. To study his father's skills and learn to use his father's tools were manifest expressions of the greatest honor and esteem a son could pay. It was common to carry on the tradition through several generations in the same family. A son of a Mason was given the appellation of "Lewis" that he might be entitled to all of the privileges which that honor conferred.

The word "Lewis" in operative Masonry also refers to an iron cramp, which is inserted in a cavity prepared for the purpose in a large stone, so as to give attachment to a pulley and hook, whereby the stone may be conveniently raised to any height, and deposited in its proper position.

The instrument is made of a pair of dovetail wedges, provided with a hook or ring. Inserted in a hole in a large stone, pulling on the hook or ring spreads and locks the wedges securely in the stone, so that it may be raised by derrick or other lifting force, without putting a rope or chain about it. The greater the pull, the heavier the stone, the more securely is the Lewis locked in the hole. From this the Lewis became a symbol of strengthIt is a heart-warming day when a young man first shows interest in Freemasonry and asks his father how he might become a Mason, and it is a proud day when that son, in the fullness of time, is initiated himself a Freemason. At the 2014 Annual Communication of the Grand Lodge of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons of the State of Missouri, the members approved the wearing of the Lewis Jewel by Missouri Master Masons who, at the time of their raising, had a father who was a Master Mason in good standing.  A Mason is also qualified whose father was deceased at the time of the son's raising but was a Master Mason in good standing at the time of his death. The Lewis Jewel consists of two bars connected by chains:

NOTE: The picture above is similar to how the MO Lewis jewels will look. A picture of the actual MO Lewis Jewel will be posted when available. 

To apply for a Lewis Jewel, download the application below, fill it out according to the instructions and present it to your Lodge Secretary along with payment. The Lodge Secretary will verify eligibility and, if found acceptable, will forward the application to the MO Grand Lodge for processing.

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