The first Masonic Lodge in St. Charles was established October 6th 1819, chartered by the Grand Lodge of Tennessee while Missouri was yet a territory, given at Nashville and signed by O.B. Hayes, Grand Master; W. Tannehill, D.G.M; S.B. Marshall, S.G.W.P.T; and William G. Dickerson, J.G.W. The Lodge was working previously under a dispensation granted on July 5, 1819. Now a chartered Lodge, Benjamin Emmons served as the first Worshipful Master and there was a total of 13 members, but only two others are known; Bennet Palmer and Rowland Willard. 

In 1821 Missouri Lodge No. 12, Joachim Lodge No. 25 and St. Charles Lodge No. 28 organized the Grand Lodge of Missouri and installed its Officers on May 4th of that year.

St. Charles Lodge then changed its name under the Grand Lodge of Missouri to Hiram Lodge No. 3 but surrendered its charter April 4th 

1826, attributed most likely to members moving out to start new Lodges in other frontier settlements near and far. 

A charter was given to Hiram Lodge No. 23 on October 5, 1837, and the original jewels and furniture surrendered by St. Charles Lodge No. 28 were donated to furnish the new Lodge. The new Lodge ceased work and surrendered its charter in 1844.

In the summer of 1849, Hiram Lodge No. 118 came into existence, formed by nine previous members of Hiram Lodge No. 23 and one additional Master Mason, J.W. Robinson. This Lodge prospered, conferring sixty-nine Degrees, and the building of a new hall, all within the first year. This Lodge lasted for 12 years but could not withstand the ravages of the Civil War. The last meeting was held July 17, 1861 and the charter was ultimately surrendered May 1862.

May 26, 1865, the fifth and current Lodge was chartered as Palestine Lodge No. 241 with Joseph H. Alexander as Worshipful Master. He would go on to serve as Worshipful Master of the Lodge for 17 of our first 23 years under the current charter.

Following celebration of the 100th anniversary on October 6, 1919 of the first Lodge formed in St. Charles, the Masonic Temple Association was formed and the building at Main and Washington Streets in St. Charles was purchased as the new home of Palestine Lodge No. 241.

On July 16, 1993, permission was given by the Grand Lodge of Missouri to the St. Charles Temple Association to construct a new Lodge hall. In February 1994, the Main Street building was sold and for two months, the Brethren of Palestine Lodge No. 241 met at the Masonic Lodge in Wentzville. 

On February 16, 1994, at the direction of the Grand Master and with special dispensation from the Grand Lodge, the new building was dedicated by RWB James D. Bell, DDGM of the 30th Masonic District. On April 17, 1994, the Grand Master of Missouri Masons, Most Worshipful Brother Dale C. Motter laid the corner stone, invited all Master Masons into the building, opened Grand Lodge, and a new page in St. Charles Freemasonry was written.

On September 1st, 2001 Palestine Lodge No. 241 was renamed to St. Charles Lodge No. 241 and a new charter was granted by the Grand Lodge of Missouri, with George W. Anagnos presiding as Worshipful Master.

On October 6, 2019, a 200th Bicentennial Celebration of Freemasonry in St. Charles was held at the Lodge with live music, barbecue, over 150 friends and family, and a heartfelt reception of newly installed Grand Master of Missouri, MWB Stanton T. Brown II. There were also Veterans' Presentations by the Masonic Home of Missouri and a proclamation delivered personally by the mayor of St. Charles.