Lodge Committees

The following committee members were been appointed for the 2019-2020 Masonic Year. 

Audit Committee
WB Matthew Carter (chair), Br. Brent Butler, Br. Mark Minnella

Budget Committee
WM Matthew Carter (chair), WB Ryan Georgen, Br. John Wimberly, Br. Matthew DP Beyes, WB Larry Darnell

Relief Committee
WB Ken Wright (chair), Br. Matthew DP Beyes, WB Joe Kimble

Widows and Orphans Committee
Br. Matthew DP Beyes (chair), WB Ken Wright, Br. Randy Baer, Br. Mark Minnella, Br. Samuel Beyes, WB Matthew Carter, Br Brent Butler, Br. Jubal Schultz, Br. Matthew JJ Beyes

Grievance Committee
Br. Matthew DP Beyes (chair), WB Joe Kimble, Br. Randy Baer, Br. Charlie Landrum

Delinquent Dues Committee

Youth Group Committee
Br. Samuel Beyes (chair), WB Ryan Georgen

Public Relations Committee
Br. Bill Gaines (chair), Br. Matthew Carter