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St. Charles Lodge #241 has a long and prestigious history.  The links on this page will give you a glimpse into that history and help you to know us better.

The Origins of Our Lodge

A concise history of our lodge from its very beginning, the establishment of Palestine Lodge #241, the building of our new lodge building, and the renaming of the lodge to St. Charles Lodge #241.

Our Lodge History From "Goodspeed's 1882 History of St. Charles County"

An excerpt from the book "Goodspeed's 1882 History of St. Charles County" which provides more detail round the history of Freemasonry in Missouri, St. Charles County, and our lodge in particular.

The Past Masters of Palestine Lodge #241 / St. Charles Lodge #241

A list of the previous Worshipful Masters of our lodge to honor their service and leadership to the fraternity over the years.